Michael Inghram Electronics


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Halo Remote Controls

Simple, high quality remote controls access any device in the system.

T4 Touchscreens

Touchscreens are convenient for operating multiple systems. Portable and Wall mounted models in different sizes and colors are available.

Configurable Keypads

Basic one touch functions for lighting, shades, music are just a few things that a keypad can do. These keypads come in many colors and metal finishes.

Climate Control

Home Automation thermostats with optional remote sensors are convenient and efficient.

Cloud Based Surveillance

Important features of complex surveillance systems are ease of deployment, maintenance, and operation.

Enterprise Grade WiFi 6E

Wireless networks always work best when premium devices are utilized in the design.

Enterprise Networks

Great networks always start by using premium components.

Remote System Monitoring

A great functioning system is much better when the status can be monitored and maintained remotely.

Purpose Built Design

Home Theater is one example of detailed technology design.