Creating a system based on your specifications. Great design with experience.

Michael Inghram Electronics services Aspen, Crested Butte, Vail and Denver areas. We design technology systems that meet your expectations and budget. Whether you want a simple family room or a home theater built, we have you covered.

High-end curved smart led tv in 3D

Predictable Home Automation Results

Design and Installation of reliable, easy to use and maintain systems is what the client desires. We strive for completion of all areas of a project in order to satisfy performance. Get used to instant response when there is an issue.

  • Audio Video Systems
  • Televisions and Projection Screens
  • Surveillance Cameras and Security Devices
  • Lighting and HVAC Controls
  • Telephone Systems
  • Wifi Networks, Computers, Office Technology

Additional Services

We provide medical grade electrical surge protection systems for your electronics. These devices reduce electrical surges in order to help protect your equipment and prevent failures.

In the mountains we are always having to deal with Cellular signal reception. This can be improved by using cellular amplification systems. These systems are carefully designed, installed and calibrated for maximum cell service for each specific area. 


There are many types of home theater layouts to choose from when making decisions on the design of a movie theater room. Whether it is a simple family room layout or dedicated high performance theater, we have all the resources to design the right fit for your budget and expectations.

We specialize in audio systems that are centrally located and installed into the home when being built or retrofitted. We also offer several stand-alone products that can be incorporated into existing systems.

Many rooms require a television that is mounted on a wall using a bracket of some kind. We offer many different options from a simple installation of hanging a television to a custom wall box behind the television to handle specific components for that room. This reduces clutter and organizes the devices in a nice box hidden by the television itself.

The need for surveillance and security is obtained by a combination of sensors and cameras. Whatever the need, we have the technology to implement as much monitoring you require. Cameras, recording, security, monitoring are all part of a completely integrated home.

Lighting control is important in larger homes with many loads to manage. From panelized lighting controls to individual dimmers that are integrated onto a single platform, we design and install systems that are easy to setup to your choice.

Automating HVAC for control from one application remotely or within the home is a growing trend. This is convenient and provides information to property managers on the status of temperatures inside the home. The system can be programmed for a variety of notifications, texts and emails to notify of temperature warnings.


Home networking systems that can handle the demanding wifi, home automation, media streaming, personal devices, security cameras, etc. are the backbone of modern home technology systems. Using specialized equipment and techniques, systems are designed to perform. Each system has remote access for software, configuration upgrades, resets, and checkups. The level of remote support depends on the level of monitoring and control installed on each system. There are all kinds of levels of remote support available depending on your needs.

Larger homes can be complicated to obtain good WiFi for all areas of the home. By using a the cloud to manage each area with customized settings, we manage the WiFi to reduce dead areas without coverage.